Recognized nationally as a groundbreaking initiative, the Experience Matters vision is to effect lasting social change via a movement that changes the face of civic engagement and has the potential to transform the structure and sustainability of hundreds of nonprofits throughout Maricopa County. Experience Matters connects passionate individuals with nonprofit organizations and supports the organizations as they receive the talent.

Organizations that engage at least 10 volunteers are equally as effective as their peers with no volunteers, but at almost half the median budget.
– Peter York, Senior Partner and Chief Research and Learning Officer, TCC Group

Experience Matters has attracted the support of prominent funders and leading think-tank organizations, built a solid customer base of skilled boomer talent, established an effective staffing and infrastructure base, and created a buzz in the community. We’ve created a new way of looking at supply and demand—and effectively leveraging a highly skilled, unique volunteer force to create positive social change.

Defining Demand

According to the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, there are 16,120 public charity organizations in the state and 56 percent (9,000) of those are in Maricopa County. Only 1,200 have budgets over $100,000.

Defining Supply

U.S. data indicates that as much as 70 percent of the baby boomer population is interested in donating their time and talent to their communities—and 68-76 percent of the boomer population is in a position both financially and physically to engage in meaningful volunteer or skilled service opportunities.

The Bottom Line: The New Marketplace

Supply and demand, boomers and nonprofits, meet through the marketplace of Experience Matters. The system requires training, attention to detail, and a commitment to getting the right results. But the payoff is worth it.

knotBoomers find an encore career in which they are valued and afforded the opportunity to keep their talents sharp. Using the Experience Matters system of placement, they save time, are spared the hassle and ultimately reap the rewards of service: from personal pride to safer neighborhoods, from a change in public policy to individual health benefits.

In turn, nonprofits gain access to an unprecedented talent pool. Thanks to the coaching, training and matching expertise of Experience Matters, they save time and resources—and they reap programmatic and financial benefits in a time of diminishing budgets and an ever-accelerating work pace.

This is more than a job well done, civic pride or even building community through leveraged impact. This is business. This is today’s marketplace brought to bear on age-old challenges.

This is the new normal.