Submitted by: Syd Hoffman

During the summer of 2006, I turned fifty, retired from my fabulous career as an elementary school principal, and helped my daughter settle into her freshman dorm room. September rolled around and everyone was back-to-school except me! I missed my dedicated staff, 450 adorable children, and all the exercise I got running around our six acre campus each day.

So, I decided to use my free time to become the healthiest version of myself. I read everything “healthy” I could get my hands-on, took two college anatomy classes, and hit the gym. I created a plant-based nutrition plan and stepped up my exercise program. I signed up to participate in a 5k, 10K, half marathon, 3-day walk, and a trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. (I reached the summit on February 19, 2007. That’s me in the bright orange wind-rain jacket.) I loved every minute of my research, training, and preparation.

Friends, parents of former students, and family members wanted to know my secrets and told me I had a book in me! All-Day Energy was published in April 2012. I launched a new career doing television/radio segments, retreats, and immersions to help businesses and families tweak what they eat and how they move, one step at a time. I thoroughly enjoy my second act as much as my first!

My advice for boomers who are about to launch their own second act is “go for it!” Using our brains to help others, keeps us young and alive. I have a purpose: I help people of all ages to become their healthiest self — it’s not too late!

Thanks so much!!!!

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