Planning ahead and being open to what’s next greased the skids for a rewarding second act.

Through a long career spanning work for the military, government and corporate giants like IBM and American Express, Bill McAllister gained valuable experience in finance, IT and business development. The question for Bill was how to shift gears and incorporate more of the things that mattered to him. Marc Freedman’s book, Encore, got his wheels turning and he reached out to Norm, a long-time friend and CIO at MARC Community Resources, where he discovered Experience Matters as a conduit to match his skills to meaningful work with MARC.

Being a financial guy, the stipend was an interesting aspect of the Encore Fellow opportunity and Bill was sold when he saw the meaningful projects that would further the mission of an organization that had personally served his family well. MARC Community Resources helped a close family member of Bill’s work through health-related challenges and develop skills towards a rewarding career in behavioral health services. The impact of their work was not lost on him!

The goals were clear; raise awareness for MARC Community Resources and expand employment related services. With the help of Bill’s outreach the executive team reports new funding sources, an increase in employable people placed in jobs and the launch of Salesforce to track opportunities. When Bill’s fellowship ended he stayed on as paid staff at MARC working 20 hours a week and fitting in travel and other personal interests along the way.

“Experience Matters offers a great bridge into nonprofit work – Encore Fellows benefit from cohort meetings, training and networking with our peers.”

– Bill McAllister