Huff Post recently interviewed Adam Goodman, President of Goodmans Interior Structures, about their commitment to employees and the community. More specifically, the article focused on two companies Building a Community That Takes Care of Its People.

Just visit Goodmans website and you’ll see the kind of company they are, as stated in their mission: “We will build a community that takes care of its sick, supports its weak, inspires its artists, protects its resources and promotes faith for its citizenry. At Goodmans, we will change our community. And we will do it by establishing ourselves as an example — with style, humor, compassion, integrity and respect.”

Their support of Experience Matters is just one example of how Goodmans Interior Structures is helping build stronger communities for all of us. Experience Matters matches the skill and expertise of the baby boomer generation with nonprofits in need of their time and talent to tackle pressing social challenges.

Business partners like Adam Goodman help strengthen this new marketplace with the resources needed to recruit, match, train and support skilled talent with a passion for making a difference and nonprofits looking to reap programmatic and financial benefits in a time of diminishing budgets and an ever-accelerating work pace.