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APS is dedicated to doing the right thing for customers, employees, our communities and our state. Like Experience Matters, they take great pride in going above and beyond to give back and to make a difference where we all live and work.

With that in mind, APS partnered with Experience Matters to match this skilled talent pool with nonprofits in need of their time and expertise. Projects are short-term, targeted opportunities for APS employees to find meaningful ways to connect to volunteer work that benefits our community.

This is a pilot program and a great opportunity for a select group of nonprofit organizations to gain resources to accomplish more.

  • Projects are predefined and designed to be either 10 to 20 hours or 20 to 40 hours in length, depending on the assignment type.
  • We’re pleased to offer this new talent pool to you for a match fee of just $250. There are no stipends to give to the volunteers or other costs involved.
  • The difference between this and our other Service by Design assignments is that the projects are a shorter time-commitment and not custom designed to the needs of the organization. Think of this as more of an “off-the-shelf” resource.

Interested? We encourage you to take a few minutes to complete an application to host an APS volunteer who will complete one of the predefined projects that your organization may need. The projects are listed in the application with space for you to briefly describe what you want to accomplish with the project you select.