Nadine Mathis Basha: A Champion for Arizona’s Children

Nadine Mathis Basha is a tireless advocate for children and childhood education. From starting school in a one-room schoolhouse in Mexico to attending schools small and large across the U.S., then going on to get degrees in elementary and early childhood education, Nadine has experienced diverse academic environments and seen the common foundations that support student success in all settings. A fierce advocate for early childhood health and education even before we had the neuroscience to prove its vital importance, Nadine was and is a Change Maker ahead of her time.

As a former teacher, educator, small business owner, and volunteer, Nadine founded Children’s Action Alliance in 1989 and was a leading voice behind the ballot proposition that created First Things First in 2006. She is an inspiration to many, and we are thrilled to present her with our 2016 Experience Matters Change Maker Award.

Learn more about Nadine and the impact of her work in our Change Maker Awardee Video.