It’s no coincidence that Diane Aguilar is passionate about healthcare and social service.

The road leading Diane Aguilar to Mission of Mercy was paved with clues that this is where she belonged.  A breast cancer survivor herself, Diane knows first-hand the security that good health care offers. The Mission of Mercy (MOM) mobile health clinic is committed to serving the medically uninsured of Maricopa County with free, quality medical care – no questions asked.

With a degree in social work from ASU, Diane took another path into a long and  successful career in sports management. From the ticket office to the executive  office, Diane enjoyed the strong sense of community fostered by the sports  organizations she represented.  It wasn’t until the economy took a dip and she was downsized by her employer that she was forced to re-examine her vocational priorities.

Not surprisingly, she found herself coming full circle to her original interest in social work and connected with Experience Matters through a classmate at the Nonprofit Management Institute. Her business skills, including database expertise, helped her pilot a much-needed community health education program.

That program was such a success that Mission of Mercy asked Diane to stay on part-time to replicate the program in the organization’s five other clinics.

“Losing my job was a blessing in many ways. It forced me to reevaluate where I was headed and where I wanted to go. It gave me the chance to make the changes I needed for a more fulfilling career.”

– Dianne Aguilar