My daughter is a Development Officer for United Way in the Phoenix area. She had attended a seminar where the Encore program was discussed. When she came home she said there was this program and it would be a great opportunity for me to give back. She gave me the contact numbers for Experience Matters here in Phoenix and I made the call.

I had moved to Phoenix to be near my other daughter and my two grandsons. I wanted to play golf and coach the older one in little league, which I was doing at the time.

When the Encore program was explained to me by Linda Mason and Nora Hannah, I felt like I was perfect for the program and that I had skills that I could utilize to help non-profits. The first organization that I was referred to decided not to pursue the program before I was interviewed. The second organization did not consider me a match for what they were trying to do. Both members of the Experience Matters team said they felt I was a perfect match and to not be discouraged, that they would find a match for me.

I did not make that first class but as the second class was starting I was contacted and found the perfect match with Circle the City, a medical respite center for homeless individuals that was in the start-up phase and had no employees, no policies, no benefits, no salary structure, etc. I was interviewed by Sister Adele O’Sullivan who is an MD and founder and started immediately to help her get her dream up and running.

I now have been here almost two years. The facility is accomplishing great things and I have been recognized as a major contributor on several occasions. I feel really great about my status, what I’m doing with a cutting edge facility and being recognized as a major contributor in my 3rd career.

I would recommend the Encore program to all my fellow Boomers. I feel a great amount of self-worth and love helping Circle the City succeed in its mission of medical care, hospitality and social services for homeless individuals.