Linda Mushkatel may have retired but she refused to stop.

For 33 years, Linda served Maricopa County in a variety of jobs, but her last one is the one that mattered most to her: as Special Projects Manager, she was  instrumental in the creation of the Human Services Campus (HSC) in central  Phoenix. The HSC, home to more than a dozen social service agencies, provides wrap-around services to adults experiencing homelessness, giving them their best shot at a new life.

Linda was passionately engaged from the very start. She immersed herself in the planning, space design, construction oversight, even the capital campaign. The HSC campus opened in 2005 and now serves more than 1,000 individuals each day. 

When Linda Mushkatel retired the first week of 2014, she could have walked away with a profound sense of accomplishment. Instead, the next day she was back at the HSC as an Experience Matters Encore Fellow with a new focus: to take the  concept of collaborative, integrated services to the next level.

Because of her work as an Encore Fellow, HSC is on its way toward the solid  infrastructure that makes a business work: recognition by the private and public sectors of the value the HSC brings to the community; a development strategy that ensures nonprofit sustainability and operational  best practices leading to client successes.

And Linda still won’t quit. When her EM fellowship is complete, she will join the Board of Directors of the Lodestar Day Resource Center, an HSC core agency.

“Investing my time at the Human Services Campus reflects how I hope  our Valley of the Sun will continue to respond to the needs of its  vulnerable special populations…in ways that are both  compassionate and economically sound.”

– Linda Mushkatel