Submitted by Barry Scott

Q:  What was your primary career and what did you love about it?

A:  Leading a company primarily engaged in marketing and selling. I loved enabling people with talent to develop and build careers and self worth.  I also loved satisfying customers.

Q:  When you retired, did you feel ‘finished’ or, for you, was there still something left to do?

A:  I do not consider myself retired. I have plenty left to do and this must be aligned with my talent in engaging people to do better for themselves through coaching and counseling.

Q:  What inspires you and why?

A:  Successful people who I have nurtured along their path.

Q:  How does your unique set of experiences make a difference for the community in your work now?

A:  I volunteer at a Community Center which has as a part of its mission, assisting people who have lost their jobs. We help develop resumes, prepare them for interviews and try and guide them to finding the next job.

Q:  What’s your advice for boomers who are about to launch their own “second act”?

A:  Find something that will stimulate you in a passionate way. That way you will give it your all and will enjoy what you are doing.