Submitted by Peni Seelye Long

Q:  What was your primary career and what did you love about it?

A:  Manager of Human Resources, Systems and Risk Management functions for a major national bank. I primarily loved working with others to create and implement solutions to problems. Building teams and finding and using the best skills of all players was basically what made “my boat float.”

Q:  When you retired, did you feel ‘finished’ or, for you, was there still something left to do?

A:  I never thought of myself as retired since I jumped immediately into the world of volunteering. I always thought I would go back to the corporate world but became engaged with local boards, community governance and non-profits–and eventually rediscovered my love of writing and the creative side of life. This has evolved into more work with supporting non-profits in marketing their services. At the point in time that I recognized the need to get “a real job” again, it was too late–I was too old (at least according to today’s corporate hiring principles).

Q:  What inspires you and why?

A:  Helping others be successful and making a positive difference….because that’s just part of my DNA.

Q:  How does your unique set of experiences make a difference for the community in your work now?

A:  Organizing, writing, creating stories, building newsletters and communications, creating classes–all contribute to my support of the non-profits in the area and their success in fulfilling their missions.

Q:  What’s your advice for boomers who are about to launch their own “second act”?

A: Don’t wait, stay in touch with old contacts while building new ones, and review your skill sets for those that may have been hibernating while you worked. It’s not so much reinvention as rediscovery.