Submitted by Russell Rowe

Q:  What was your primary career and what did you love about it?

A:  My primary career was a business founder and owner of a small, $7MM, company in Ohio doing sales, service and integration to factory automation markets, i.e.: automotive, tire & rubber, converting.  Really all of my career was based around tech sales in general as I started out of college as a Sales Engineer for GE. Obviously, starting a business required full immersion into operations management, database, finance and marketing/sales management.

Q:  When you retired, did you feel ‘finished’ or, for you, was there still something left to do?

A:  When I retired I had not planned ahead properly.  After selling my business, a stock sale, and going through consulting and due diligence on such, I was lost and bored.  There is an extreme and keen sense of purpose for a guy and his career.  Some of my best life long friends were customers, and that separation and lack of a formal work schedule has been a long term re-building job.  I am inspired to help others through mentoring, coaching and consulting, but it’s really not the same.  So, it’s still a work in progress for me, and I hope to catch the brass ring.

Q:  What inspires you and why?

A:  I am inspired by helping others find direction and move forward with their jobs, businesses and careers.  It’s important to me to know that my time spent and work with clients actually has value and purpose.  If I can help a client “turn a light bulb on”, validate their objective and move forward, that matters to me.

Q:  How does your unique set of experiences make a difference for the community in your work now?

A:  My experience base pretty much covers the “gamut”.  I’ve been a sole proprietor, C corporation and a Sub-S. I’ve worked for large and small companies, started a successful business and sold it successfully on two separate occasions to two different buyers.  In my activities at work, I’ve done pretty much everything, so it’s not always easy to address all subjects, but I can relate and provide direction.

Q:  What’s your advice for boomers who are about to launch their own “second act”?

A:  HAVE A PLAN!!  Make sure you’ve thought through a couple options and when you’ve got a direction that excites you, COMMIT!!