Experience Matters offers you long- and short-term options to contribute to a deserving nonprofit with your talent and experience. The Service Profile tool may help you help determine the kind of service opportunity that is best for you. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete and is strictly confidential. Take the Service Profile now >

As an Encore Fellow, you get a 6- to 12-month opportunity and a modest stipend to put your skills to work in a nonprofit organization. The Encore Fellow concept was launched in Silicon Valley in 2009 by Civic Ventures, and Experience Matters has pioneered its expansion in Maricopa County in association with Encore.org and the Encore Fellowship Network.

How do you know if this program’s for you? We’re looking for highly skilled, experienced professionals ready to transition from primary careers in the for-profit sector and make a significant impact for nonprofit organizations in need of their talent.

Encore Fellows deliver a high value-to-cost ratio for work hosts by bringing experienced, affordable talent to a specific assignment matched to the fellow’s skills and interests. Many become role models for other staff members and evolve into executive coaches and mentors within the organization.

The Encore Fellowship Program in Maricopa County, under the umbrella of Experience Matters and Encore.org, is sponsored by the Arizona Community Foundation, BHHS Legacy Foundation, the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation, the Lodestar Foundation, PetSmart Charities and the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

Interested in learning more about becoming an Encore Fellow?

  1. The first step is to complete your Experience Profile now.
  2. Once we receive this information we’ll contact you with the next steps to apply for an Encore Fellowship.
  3. Questions? Contact Sandra Freyer at 602-812-3946.


If you are an eligible Intel Corporation retiree, apply here.

Service by Design is a pro-bono, short-term placement into one of the hundreds of agencies and organizations in Maricopa County that need your help – using an intergenerational approach to improve education and strengthen communities while supporting the changing expectations and needs of boomers in Maricopa County.

As a participant in the Service by Design program, you’ll participate in meaningful social purpose projects—contributing valuable talents and skills to advance the common good, while building your own abilities and lasting relationships. The application process is simple, and you’ll be ready to get started as soon as you’ve completed the initial training workshop.

Interested in learning more about participating in Service by Design? Complete your Experience Profile or contact Sandra Freyer at 602-812-3946.

Connect to our National Service Programs and volunteer to use your time and talent either in or out of the classroom to strengthen our schools, support our kids and create a more vibrant community for all of us!Employers-of-National-Service-Member

AmeriCorps Program

Do you have time and talent to share? Are you interested in engaging with schools and opening up new opportunities for yourself?

Here’s what an AmeriCorps assignment can provide:

  • A Project Coordinator Role That Matches Your Experience
    Strengthen outcomes in our schools through your support of targeted initiatives for continuous improvement.
  • Living Allowance
    Collect a supplemental living allowance that varies according to program type and time-span.
  • Education Awards
    Earn education credits for post-high school tuition or student loans. The education award can be passed on to your child or grandchild if you are 55 or older when you start your term of service.

Take a look at some examples of our service project opportunities to get an idea of the possibilities to make a difference in our schools:

  • Providing program coordination for reading tutor volunteers
  • Managing career and college readiness programs
  • Developing a program that provides school supplies for children

Interested in learning more about becoming an Experience Matters AmeriCorps Member? Check out these opportunities then complete your Experience Profile or contact Sandra Freyer at 602-812-3946.

RSVP Volunteer Program 

The Experience Matters RSVP Senior Corps Program matches dedicated adults age 55+ with volunteer opportunities that match their passion, skills, experience and talent.

  • Option 1: College and Career Readiness Mentors
    ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan) is a nationwide program designed to improve high school graduation rates and prepare students for college and career. Mentors work with motivated high school sophomores to provide support and guidance on their journey.
  • Option 2: Reading Tutors
    Make a difference in a child’s life by helping them gain the reading skills needed to learn and succeed in life. Volunteers receive training and materials and do not need any prior teaching or tutoring experience.
  • Option 3: Youth Mentors
    Studies have shown that a committed, caring adult can help youth to stay engaged in school and be hopeful about their future. Volunteer youth mentors will receive training and do not need prior mentoring experience.
  • Option 4: Meal Deliveries
    Volunteers deliver meals to seniors who are unable to leave their homes, mostly due to physical restrictions. This service allows older adults to live independently in their homes for longer periods of time. Volunteers often work in teams of two and commit to one delivery route or more per week.
  • Option 5: Benefit Assistance
    Benefit Assistance Volunteers receive training and material in order to connect seniors, the disabled, their caregivers and families to needed resources and benefit information.
  • Option 6: Volunteer Recruiters
    Volunteers assist agencies in their outreach and volunteer recruitment. Depending on the agency’s need, activities may include manning a table at an event, giving a presentation to a group, among many other things

Interested in learning more about becoming an Experience Matters RSVP member? Complete your Experience Profile or contact Sandra Freyer at 602-812-3946.

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