We share your excitement and enthusiasm about civic engagement and community service and hope that you will find exciting and interesting opportunities for this next phase in your life. Before you move ahead, we are offering you an opportunity to learn a little more about yourself, enhance your service experiences and increase your success. The confidential Service Profile will benefit you because:

  • This tool is designed to help you consider and define the types of service work for which you are best suited.
  • The questions will help you understand better how you will derive the most satisfaction from community service.

You will answer a few basic questions about:

  1. The types of work you like to do
  2. How and under what conditions you prefer to work
  3. How you describe your own professional working traits

Completing the Service Profile should take you approximately 15 minutes. When you are finished, you will receive personalized suggestions for identifying the service work assignments which might be the best fit for you. Once again, this profile is completely confidential and for your use only. Of course, you can choose to share your results with others (potential service organizations, Experience Matters, or others), but that decision is completely up to you.

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